Aseptic Dry Powder Filling With Rubber Stoppering Machine

Aseptic Dry Powder Filling With Rubber Stoppering Machine

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Aseptic Dry Powder Filling With Rubber Stoppering Machine

  •     Compact cGMP model.
  •     “No Vial – No Filling” system.
  •     Multiple Dosing Systems.
  •     Injectable filling with accuracy of ± 1% of uniform density Injectable powder can be ensured by setting the depth of piston in the port of powder wheel.
  •     Built-in Rubber Stoppering Unit saves lot of space in the Sterile Area & reduces the length of Laminar Air Flow (LAF).
  •     All motors are provided with appropriate contactors and relays for the protection against any Overload or jamming.
  •     Rotary turn table attached with the machine for automatic in feed of vial on conveyor.
  •     Safety clutch system to avoid Vial breakage.
  •     Variable A.C. Frequency Drive for speed adjustment.
  •     All parts and assemblies coming in contact with powder and rubber stopper are made of S.S.316 and easily removable for required Autoclaving/ Sterilization.
  •     S.S. square pipe frame structure to avoid any vibration with adjustable screws to adjust conveyor height – as per out feed of sterilizing tunnel.
  •     All driving is through High quality imported Gear motor for better machine performance without vibration.
  •     Imported Gear Motor for Main drive, in feed and out feed turn tables.
  •     It is a compact and vibration resistant model.
  •     To avoid the usage of expensive powder, No Vial – No Filling principle is followed.
  •     To secure against the overload, the machine is configured with electric motors with specific contractors and relays.
  •     All the components are made with AISI SS.316.
  •     Imported gear motor for the in feed and out feed procedure.
  •     Whole machine is surrounded by specifically made protection cabinet.